SCCM: Product Filters

There are various places within SCCM console where one can apply filters. There is a short help message, suggesting how one can build a filter, however, this is misleading as it suggest one uses double quotes :

Specify the search strings used to filter software updates for this rule. Use quotes for an exact string match. Prefix strings with – to indicate that it is not matching For example, to find software update strings that match ABC and do not match DEF, add “ABC” and -“DEF” to the search list. For numeric values, prefix the number with > , >= , <, <=. For example, to find software updates required on more than 100 computers, enter >=100

With the advent of Windows 10 Servicing, my organisation only uses Enterprise, so all the other flavours, such as Education, Team, Pro etc are irrelevant and I certainly don’t want my HDD space being eaten up with huge updates that I’ll never use. I’m not sure what SCCM version the option was introduced, but in 1709, there is an Upgrades tab that allows for filtering.

In my service plan called “Windows 10 Service Plan“, under Software Library > Windows 10 Servicing > Servicing plans, on the Upgrades tab, I ticked Title and added the following 4 filters:

  • -%Education%
  • -%Pro%
  • -%Team%
  • -%Enterprise N%

This results in a short list of only 10 upgrades.


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