Office Connected Services: “The username or password for OneDrive – Contoso isn’t correct. Please try again.”

Within an Office product such as Excel (2013), under Accounts > Connected Services, you see something similar to: ConSvc Clicking Connect, brings up a dialogue to enter your credentials, which you do, and you know they are 100% correct, however, you receive the error: "The username or password for OneDrive - Contoso isn't correct. Please try again." Error1

In my case, I’m trying to connect to a OneDrive for business account.

If you use Office 365 (and have installed Office via Office 365, as opposed to VLK), typically, the Office product will be signed in to the same account as OneDrive, however, it is possible to be signed in to Office products with account ‘x’ and try to connect to OneDrive with account ‘y’. This appears to be the problem. Whether a recent update has caused it, the system decided to change accounts, or it is cause by mixed “Work or School” with “Personal” accounts. Who knows, but for me, the issue was that the Office product was signed in to my personal account and I was trying to connect OneDrive to my “Work or School” account. For example: Account


For me, all I had to do was click Switch Account and sign in to my “Work or School” account, the same account used by OneDrive and the services automatically connected: AccountSuccess

Update (05/04/2019)

It seems MS have been playing yet again! I updated AD Connect then I had to crack open regedit and make the following changes:
1. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Identity.
2. Delete FederationCacheExpiration key.
3. Delete FederationProvider
4. Add EnableADAL Type: DWORD, Value 1.
5. Reboot. (log off / on should suffice).

No. 1 to 3
No. 4


If Outlook is failing to log in, it may be a different problem. I use AAD “Seamless single sign-on” and “Pass-through authentication” and as a result Azure AD Connect cannot automatically update. When it gets too old, I cannot log in to Azure Portal, Office Portal, or Outlook, until I update AAD Connect. Again, ADFS (Federation) might be a different story.

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One thought on “Office Connected Services: “The username or password for OneDrive – Contoso isn’t correct. Please try again.”

  1. Sam

    Hi, I’m interested to know if you have any more insight on this. I can connect a business service to a personal Office signin on every PC and Windows account I use EXCEPT my main one!!

    Do you know of any behind the scenes keys, credentials or settings that might cause this? I have tried signing out and in; having no EnableADAL key, having the key set to one and set to zero; reinstalling Office – no use.

    Many thanks

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