NetScaler: Monitor Proble Failure (SSL)


A classic gotcha in the world of ADC load blancing with SSL, manifests itself in two ways:

  1. LB Servers are added using FQDN. The monitor reponse reports: “domain name not resolved”.
  2. LB Servers are added using IP. The monitor response reports: “Failure -TCP connection successful, but application timed out”.

Domain name not resolved

Failure – TCP connection successful, but application timed out


Simply, turn of (untick) “Enabled Health Monitoring” or “AppFlow Logging”.


3 thoughts on “NetScaler: Monitor Proble Failure (SSL)

  1. woter Post author

    I do apologies if this information is incorrect. I faintly recall a discussion over this on an NS course a while back. Perhaps you may be able to share a more suitable solution. Thanks.

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