NetScaler Gateway: Encrypting the Web Interface or StoreFront URL

The documented method for Web Interface is to set “Clientless Access” to ON or Allow and “ICA proxy” to ON, however, the URL to the Web Interface site will be clear, regardless of setting “Encrypt URL” to either Obscure or Encrypt.
There are two work a rounds to this method:
1. Set ICA proxy to OFF and Clientless Access to ON.
This will result in the “Three Panes” with the Web Interface in the left hand pane. It is possible to “hack” the reselvent pages to hide the other frames, simulating the effect of Web Interface only. This will fully encrypt the URL.
2. Set ICA proxy to OFF, Clientless Access to ON, and add the Web Interface address to the “Home Page URL” text box on the “Client Experience” tab.
This will insert an Encrypted string into the URL, however the true URL of the Web Interface site is still visible. Depending on the required result, this method will still stop users being able to bookmark the URL.
In my case, I added “http://svr-wi01.domain.local/Citrix/XenApp65” to the “Home Page URL”, exactly the same as the URL entered in the “Web Interface Address” field on the “Published Apps” tab.

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