Visual Studio: Azure SDK JSON Outline blank


If you are creating a new Visual Studio project, using the “Azure Resource Group” template, don’t move or rename “Deploy-AzureResourceGroup.ps1”. It will break the JSON outline tool.


I installed the Azure SDK for Visual Studio 2015 and was getting used to editing ARM templates with the help of the JSON outline tool. It’s quite a useful tool and makes life easier, especially if the JSON layout is a little scary.

Anyway, a new day, and I started Visual Studio. From within TFS (Team Explorer) pane, I launched my solution file, only to be greeted with:

The ‘ResourceManagerPackage’ package did not load correctly.


After rebuilding my project several times, each time I relaunched VS, I got this error. Googling suggested clearing caches and removing registry keys to reset VS. Nothing worked. I even wrote a basic PowerShell script to accomplish what was described in this post. (Attached to this post).

The ActivityLog.xml (described in the error) gets quite large and I couldn’t see the trees for the wood. I renamed it and repeated the launch process that spawned a new ActivityLog.xml. Around line 857, this time, the error was clear to see:

“PowerShell deployment script is missing”.


What I had been doing was using the VS “Azure Resource Group” template and adding my files, moving the ones generated in the template to a new folder, including “Deploy-AzureResourceGroup.ps1”. For some reason, for the JSON outline tool to work, it needs to be able to “see” this file.

Personally, I think this is a bug.


And if anyone wants my code to “reset” TFS cache:


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