RoyalTS: Embedding VMware vSphere Web Client 5.5

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RoyalTS is a one stop shop for any administrator or engineer working with multiple servers and systems. There’s a version for Mac OSX, iPhone / iPads and Android. There is a free version, allowing up to 10 sessions, but the unlimited version isn’t very expensive.

For me it is the first tool I open on a daily basis. Apart from RDP sessions, you can do much more, including launch executables, including PuTTY SSH and web pages. You can even store credentials and use key sequence tasks to facilitate automatic login etc. I have configured session for Citrix AppCenter, XenCenter and VMware (C#) console. A relatively new feature even allows you to configure Hyper-V console sessions.

The following are the steps required to embed the new vSphere web client into a RoyalTS web session:

RoyalTS with vSphere Web Client 5.5 embedded

RoyalTS with vSphere Web Client 5.5 embedded

As mentioned, you can create web pages in RoyalTS, however it uses Internet Explorer, and when embedded, it strips out plugins including the VMware Client Integration Plug-in that allows windows session authenticate pass-through. To work around this, I created an “External Application” that pointed to Google Chrome. I expect the same could be achieved with IE.

Create Key Sequence Task

The new vSphere web client (unbelievably) uses Flash – Ever heard of HTML5 VMware? Therefore there are no HTML attribute to interrogate for the automation of the login. This key sequence just selects the checkbox “Use Windows Session Authentication” and then “presses” submit.

  1. In RoyalTS navigation pane, right-click and select AddKey Sequence Task
  2. In the Key Sequence Task dialogue, complete the following:
    1. Display Name: vCenter Login KS
    2. Execution Mode: Do not change Execution Mode (Default)
    3. Show in Favorites: Unchecked
    4. No Confirmation Required: Checked
  3. Click Key Sequence and in the Key Sequence text area, enter the following 6 items. one per line.
    1. {WAIT:10000} (This can be adjusted depending on how quick your server is)
    2. {TAB}
    3. {TAB}
    4. {SPACE}
    5. {TAB}
    6. {SPACE}
  4. SS2

  5. Click OK to save the sequence


Create External Application

  1. In RoyalTS navigation pane, right-click and select AddExternal Application
  2. Complete the following:
    1. Display Name: vSphere 5.5 – Web
    2. Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
    3. Arguments: –app=
    4. Working Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application
  3. SS1

  4. Click Key Sequence.
  5. In the Key Sequence Mode: drop-down, select Use an existing key sequence task.
  6. In the Task: drop-down, select vCenter Login KS
  7. Click Windows Mode and ensure “Main Window (Embedded)” is selected from the list.
  8. Click Advanced and make sure Kill on Disconnect is unchecked and Load Profile is checked.
  9. Click OK.


Now you can double-click vSphere 5.5 – Web session item from the Navigation Tree and it should open an embedded session into RoyalTS.

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