Read about CRASHPLAN here. The almost free, unlimited, cloud backup solution.

The following details how to install CRASHPLAN on a QNAP NAS device. As mentioned in my other article, the system requires two clients. One on a Windows PC and one on the QNAP.

I will assume you already have a CRASHPLAN account.

Windows Install

  1. From your Windows machine, copy this URL into a browser: http://download.code42.com/installs/win/install/CrashPlan/jre/CrashPlan-x64_3.5.3_Win.exe
  2. Once the download has completed, install and when prompted, click “Existing Account” and sign in. 

QNAP install

QNAP Install
  1. Download the CRASHPLAN version that suites your device:
  2. Download links
  3. Extract the binaries.
  4. From “App Center” search for  JRE Developer Tools 6.0.22 and install.
  5. Once JAVA has finished, in the App Center, click Install Manually (Top right).
  6. Browse to the location of the CRASHPLAN binaries. (e.g. CrashPlan_3.5.3_27_x86.qpkg).
  7. Click Open, Install and OK.
  8. Once the install completes, click OK and Close.
  9. Find CrashPlan in the list and click OFF to turn it on.
  10. Click Launch.
  11. Enter the QNAP’s admin credentials.
  12. All being well, you should get back a page that looks like the screenshot above:
  13. Return to your Windows machine and open “C:\Program Files\CrashPlan\conf\ui.properties”.
  14. Change the line “#serviceHost=” to read “serviceHost=”, where is the IP address of your QNAP.
  15. Save and close ui.properties.
  16. Right-click the CRASHPLAN  icon on the taskbar and click Exit. 
  17. Launch CRASHPLAN and enter your existing credentials.

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