QNAP: Cannot browse shares from Windows

Initially, I posted this question to the QNAP forum here, however, I ended up logging a ticket with QNAP support. Apart from the awkward time zone difference between Taipai and London, they were very helpful and resolved the issue. Thank you QNAP and Roy Chen.


The main issue was that I could not browse to shares on the QNAP device. Regardless of permissions. I spent a long time checking all the components of SAMBA, sure this was where the issue lay.


The root cause (no pun intended) was because a while ago, I had attempted to create a share of root (\) – The whole thing. This caused the ACLs on /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA (or /share/MD0_DATA) to look like this:

This was confusing the poor device.



(-b, –remove-all)
Remove all extended ACL entries. The base ACL entries of the owner, group and others are retained.

Rerunning the getfacl command results in:

A restart of samba (/etc/init.d/smb.sh) and all was working again.

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