Office 365: PasswordResetNotRequiredDuringActivation

So I’ve set up a new user in Microsoft Office 365. A password is randomly generated and the user is notified of their account name and password. All well and good, unless you want to specify the password.

The only way I know of doing this is via PowerShell. Having completed the prerequisites, on my Windows 8.1 machine, I fire up PowerShell and complete the following:

However, the first time the user goes to and logs in, they’re asked to change their password:

If you look at the available PowerShell members, you’ll see one called “PasswordResetNotRequiredDuringActivation”

However, if you try and set this, it’s not a writable member. So to set it, add -ForceChangePassword $False:


N.B.: If you leave out “-NewPassword” it will generate a new random password.

This way, the user won’t be prompted to change the password the next time they log in:



With the help of the “Suggested Solution” here and this Technet article, I was able to get access to Office 365 via PowerShell from my PC.

I had obviously installed stuff in the wrong order or managed to install the wrong versions so following the advise:

  1. Uninstall Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell.
  2. Uninstall Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Download “Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW” from here and install.
  5. Download “Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version)” and install. (32-bit Version here)

I was then able to connect:

Launch “Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell”

If you prefer to use ISE, you’ll need to import the module, putting  Import-Module MSOnline before you call any associated cmdlets.

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