NetScaler Gateway: Missing STA

STA = Secure Ticket Authority. A magical world that Citrix keep a relativly tight lid on. At a high level, it allows authentication between the gateway and endpoint.

Imagine this senario. You switch on the lights on your brand new car. As a direct result of this single, simple action, the near-side, rear wheel falls off. This is what happens time and time again with Citrix NetScalers., whilst making changes in the GUI. So be careful. I so wish Citrix would stop releasing Alpha-grade software to the general public, as production-grade, whilst charging a lot of money.


Having turned on the lights on my NetScaler Gatway, I go to test my changes, only to find, when trying to launch the published app from within Web Interface, I received the following error message:

The socket in not already bound to an address.

It can also manifest itself as:

Socket operation on non-socket

 You may notice, on clicking the Published App icon in Web Interface, Citrix Receiver shows “Reconnecting…”



Don’t use Citrix rubbish?

Failing that, check the NetScaler Ghost hasn’t decided to wipe out your STA settings. This can be set globally (Global Settings –> Servers –> Bind / Unbind STA Server …) or under the vServer –> Published Applications tab.

The setting should point to the STA server. Any XenApp server running XML services can be an STA, but most people like to use the dedicated Zone Data Collector. For me, the XML service is on 8080, therefore, my URL is

On the subject of Citrix ( NetScaler GUI) rubbish, the other area you need to be careful with is when using the new HTML 5 “Profiles” tab. Beside actually being different, these have unexpected results. Go in through the JAVA method, via Policies –> (Request Profile) Modify…

NetScaler Gateway 10.1, build (VPX).

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