Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2: VLAN / Trunk configuration

I am using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2. The view from Hyper-V Manger is somewhat different.

I am trying to configure Hyper-V with multiple VLANs, what VMware call EST. I’ll document everything fully but to start, I’ll note one issue.

My task is doubly hard as I am trying to configure these settings on a domain controller and as the VMM service uses a domain service account and Hyper-V can’t do stuff like VMware can to a powered on VM, shutting down the DC means I loose connectivity to VMM. I can do most things through PowerShell connected directly to the Hyper-V cost (New-PSSession).

When trying to specify the VM network for the second vNIC, the VM Network was not in the list. Strangely, a vSwitch0 from ESX was.

I’ve read a lot about the fact that Hyper-V requires a physical NIC for each virtual switch, (I only have one!) however, before I forget, here’s how to associate logical networks to one physical NIC.

  1. Fabric > Logical Networks, Create Logical Network (expand on this later). Associate VLAN and IP Subnet under Network Site.
  2. Fabric > Servers > All Hosts > {Hyper-V Host Group*}.
  3. Right-click Hyper-V host and select Properties.
  4. Select Hardware.
  5. Expand Network adapters and select “Logical network connectivity”.
  6. You should see a list of all available logical networks. Here, I unchecked vSwitch0 and checked VLAN60-Servers.


* I created two Host Groups (folders). One for ESX and one for Hyper-V. Out the box, this doesn’t exist.

Whether this works, remains to be seen. Maybe it’s 8 years’ experience with VMware, and 0 with Hyper-V but MS seem to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Good reference:


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