CrashPlan and QNAP

Crashplan + is an (almost free) unlimited cloud backup solution. When I say almost free, it is so cheap, it might as well be. Currently $4/month for unlimited storage. It knocks the spots off Amazon S3, ElephantDrive, SYMFORM and many others. There’s backup versioning and a handy app for Android, Windows and iPhone. I have a code to use on a “friends” computer that (I believe) will allow them to backup to the cloud too. Yet to test this.

To backup files from your QNAP, you need an agent on the QNAP and an agent on a windows machine that have to talk to each other. The problem is the Windows version will update automatically, from time to time whereas the QNAP version doesn’t. This renders the QNAP agent useless, halting all backups, until it’s updated. There is a very kind chap (dynek) on the QNAP user forum who regularly updates the version and publishes a QPKG package.

The latest version (at time of writing 09/04/2013) is 3.5.3 (14/11/2014) 3.6.4 and can be found here. (Click here to see dynek’s post on how to, without trying to get a QNAP user forum account).This link may change from version to version, so try this link and look for the stickies at the top. Normally starts with [QPKG] CrashPlan vX.X.X…

To update your QNAP, simply download the matching QNAP version and from the QNAP QPKG center, manually install the new agent, over the top of the existing. Your Windows agent should then be able to connect and the backup will resume.

It’s a shame QNAP don’t add CrashPlan to their list of built-in Cloud Backup providers, then this issue wouldn’t occur.

There is a free service, where you can use your friends computer as your off-site backup location.

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2 thoughts on “CrashPlan and QNAP

  1. Paul Mason

    Why is the Crashplan Qpkg only available in forum that requires registration? I’ve tried to register with all three of my email accounts and have had the forum resend the activation email several times still no activation email on any account. Nothing in the spam folder either. This shouldn’t be this difficult.

    Any advice would be most welcome.

  2. Walker

    Hi Paul,

    I feel your frustration. I too had the same problem with the QNAP forum (and several other forums). The mods just totally ignore us!!! I think it was about email address number 5 before I got the activation email.

    Anyway, to answer your query, I have copied the contents of Dynek’s post and modified my blog article with a link for you and inlcluded a link to the downloads. Currently at work so I can’t test them.

    You shouldn’t actually need the post or to log in to the forum. The CrashPlan agent can be downloaded directly from the QNAP, under Applications –> QPKG Center. Available tab, More link.


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