Citrix: Download & Install XenDesktop 5.6 PowerShell SDK

Citrix, this shouldn’t be so hard!!! Can you please provide a link to the SDK installer.

Although I haven’t been able to find a direct download to the XenDesktop SDK, the MSI installer comes with the full XenDesktop product download. It is located in:

{media}:\x64\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller\ . The MSI that provides the {verb}-Broker* PS cmdlets is “Broker_PowerShellSnapIn_x64.msi”

Download Link

Direct Download. Rename the file to Broker_PowerShellSnapIn_x64.msi

Once installed, in Programs and Features, it will show as “Citrix Broker PowerShell Snap-In”.

To confirm the cmdlets are installed, in a PowerShell window:


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