Cisco: 897VAW Running Config with Site-to-Site VPN to Azure

Continuing on from my previous post:, on configuring my 897VAW router, I have made some progress. The following is now configured:

  • Zone firewall and ACLs
  • DMZ
  • Wireless
  • Public IP NAT’ing – I have 5 public IP addresses

I am currently working on the Site-to-Site VPN to Microsoft Azure that is causing some headaches. I have enlisted the help of the kind people on my favourite site: My forum entry on this very subject can be found here.

There are some errors at boot time as I changed to IOS image from advipservices_npe to advipservices to get the Crypto (VPN) features. See my post here on NPE.

The following screen shot is in response to aryoba‘s reply, question number 2.

Setting Location: Azure Portal: NETWORKS > LOCAL NETWORKS > LV-Network > EDIT

The following is my sanitised configuration. Please note, the VPN part does not currently work.

Rather long. Sorry.

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