Cisco: 897VAW Running Config with PPPoA (BT)

Below is my latest running config.

My ISP is currently BT (British Telecom) and I have ADSL G.992.1 Annex A, PPPoA. i.e. very slow broadband down a copper wire in the United Kingdom.

It is work in progress and to save making forum entries very long with running-configs, I thought it would be easier to reference the latest version here.

I still have to configure:

  • Zone firewall – partially done, in that the zones are configured but it’s wide open!
  • DMZ
  • VPN to Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Wireless – Working on it…
  • Public IP NAT’ing – I have 5 public IP addresses

It is connected to a Cisco SG300-28p switch, running in Layer 2 mode. I will post the config of the switch in due course.


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