Active Directory

Active Directory: Time Server

A quick one on running AD as an authoritative time server. My AD server and member servers, workstation etc had lost about 15 minutes over several months. Fix:

Reference: Technet Forum And the other trick that I actually think…

Active Directory: How long before my account password expires?

A little PowerShell script to determine when your (or a group of) account(s) will expire:

This actually filters on SamAccountName, however the -Filter {…} Can be replace with -Identity. Tried to use Composite Formatting for TimeToExpiry, but I couldn’t…

Active Directory: Working with Users and Security Groups using PowerShell

Listing user’ group membership To list the groups a user is a member of:


The only difference between the two is that the latter includes the primary group. e.g. Domain Users. List MemberOf given Security Group To…