Exchange 2013: Installing Exchange Management Console (silently)

Further reading and source: This will give you PowerShell cmdlets, locally, as the GUI is web-based in 2013. From a PS or command prompt, navigate to the location of the latest Exchange CU binaries and run:

My CU10 binaries…

DSC: A configuration is pending (MI RESULT 11)

On my vertical learning curve of the awesomeness that is DSC: When trying to apply a MOF configuration to a server (push), the change was not being reflected and I received the error:

Googling the error led me to…

Active Directory: Time Server

A quick one on running AD as an authoritative time server. My AD server and member servers, workstation etc had lost about 15 minutes over several months. Fix:

Reference: Technet Forum And the other trick that I actually think…

Installing full Microsoft SQL Management Studio

To install the full version and not Express: Obtain the full versoin binaries and mount / extract. From an elevated command prompt, run:

Where e: is the drive containing the binaries. This works for SQL Server 2012. Reference: