DSC: (at runtime): Could not find the type of DSC resource class {resourceName}

Here’s another good one. The DSC configuration compiles without error, however, when running the resource and the resource has to change something (i.e. calling [void] Set(), I get the lovely error:

I don’t know why it is the case,…

Azure Powershell: A quick way to find the typeHandlerVersion for DSC

This actually returns the version, but to convert to typeHandlerVersion, we just need the first decimal point. I.e. version = 2.9.

PowerShell: Parameters cheat sheet

Very quick examples of possible PS parameters


DSC: A configuration is pending (MI RESULT 11)

On my vertical learning curve of the awesomeness that is DSC: When trying to apply a MOF configuration to a server (push), the change was not being reflected and I received the error:

Googling the error led me to…