Active Directory: Time Server

A quick one on running AD as an authoritative time server. My AD server and member servers, workstation etc had lost about 15 minutes over several months.


Reference: Technet Forum

And the other trick that I actually think got it to work, was to untick the “Time Synchronisation” option under “Integration Services” in Hyper-V for the VM (where my AD servers are hosted). In essence, it was creating a circular reference:

Reference: – thanks.

Windows Event ID: 35 gave me a clue:

The time service is now synchronizing the system time with the time source VM IC Time Synchronization Provider.


Having just turned on System Center VMM, my DC and all clients lost about 20 minutes. I went looking for a solution on Google and found this post (Question 4). According to the author, one should not disable the Hyper-V Time Synchronisation Integration service.

I haven’t looked too much into it at the moment and turning on SCVMM server might be a red herring. I reran the commands above and all was fine again.

There’s more information on how to do it right here.

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