PowerShell: Parameters cheat sheet

Very quick examples of possible PS parameters


Azure: Deployment never ends / Internal Server Error

When a deployment never ends, you may start looking for answers. Burred deep in deployment you may come across one of the most helpful errors to date:

To find this error, In Azure portal, go to Resource groups > {ResourceGroupName}…

Azure: previous deployment from ‘MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss’ is still active

Another helpful Azure error message:

I have a master template with linked templates. The whole child template (linkedTemplate-VM), which deploys the actual VM, is iterated X number of times, using CopyIndex(), instantiated in the master template. (Where X is…

PowerShell DSC: A configuration is pending (MI RESULT 11)

On my vertical learning curve of the awesomeness that is DCS: When trying to apply a MOF configuration to a server (push), the change was not being reflected and I received the error:

Googling the error led me to…